Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Packing. Throwing out. Selling. Visas. Vaccinations. Goodbyes.

Wow...our next two months before we move to Nigeria will be full and intense. We could use about 30 hours in each day instead of 24! It really is a bit overwhelming. The picture above is of the desk in our spare gives you an idea of what our life feels like right now. Thankfully, we know that the Lord has it all in his hands and he'll be guiding us through this transition.

Good news...we're now at 88% of the minimum regular financial commitments we need in order to make the move! Just two months ago we were at 60% so we are quite pleased with what the Lord has done thus far. We'll be sharing more updates as we get closer to departure.

Oh, and if you're in Orlando...feel free to stop by our house and make an offer on anything you see inside. :-)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Christ transforms lives...including yours, if you choose to let Him! Check out this video:

Thanks to Tom Lin for sharing this with us.