Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To-Do Lists

As I was reflecting on all that needs to happen between now and when the baby comes--and now and when we potentially move overseas--I made a (not very profound) realization last night.

Unless we continually take steps forward, nearly every day, stuff won't happen and our To-Do lists won't get checked off--the end result being that we're not prepared. Yesterday was getting some finances in order and making some calls about insurance for the baby. Not sure what baby steps (no pun intended) will take place today, but I have realized that I need to keep looking for them. All that needs to get done won't get done if we don't take action, piece by piece. It's way too easy to be overwhelmed by the list and just shut it down.

And if anyone was wondering, 82 days until Baby Winkler is slated to arrive. :-)

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Latest Priceline Fans

Christie and I had a friend who was telling us that he likes using Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" feature, so we decided to try it out a few times for our recent California trip. We are now some of Priceline's biggest fans!

In San Francisco, we wound up paying $88/night for a nice hotel very close to the heart of downtown--almost half of what the room was going for elsewhere. We're still not sure why they gave it to us for that price, because surely they were losing money on us--but we certainly didn't ask why!

Then we used it for an airport hotel flying out of SFO. If I had booked the cheapest possible online, we would have paid $65 for a dump. Instead, we wound up in a three-star for $60.

Somewhere, somebody is regretting they ever let people like the Winklers use Priceline.

First Fay...then Gustav...now Hanna...soon Ike

A brief hurricane update for those of you not in Central Florida:

We made it out of Tropical Storm (or TS, as the locals like to say) Fay with minimal wind and rain damage. (The worst part of Fay for us was all of the ants that decided to take refuge in our kitchen.) I think Hurricane Gustav pretty much missed us completely, but I don't know for sure since we were in California when it came through. We're getting overcast skies and a little rain right now from TS Hanna, and I don't think that it will get any worse than that for us here in Central Florida.

Hurricane Ike is now looming on the horizon, and appears to have South Florida in its sights. This would probably mean Orlando might get hit hard, although I'm still a relative novice at this hurricane-prediction thing.