Saturday, March 10, 2007


I've been thinking a lot about my time in San Francisco lately, for a variety of reasons. As I was listening to my favorite SF radio station this afternoon on the Internet, I heard something interesting.

There is a big evangelical teen conference going on there right now, a program of Teen Mania called BattleCry. It has received some publicity in SF. Really, anything in SF is cause for a protest. (I seriously felt like there was one every day somewhere in the City.)

But as I was listening to KFOG today, the DJ said something which really caught my attention. To paraphrase: "Remember, in thinking about tolerance, we need to be accepting of those with views other than our own. And to all of you out there at AT&T Park for Battlecry, I hope you meet many of our stellar San Franciscans." The implication here is that in the city known for its tolerance of every belief EXCEPT Christianity, maybe a few people are actually beginning to see the hypocrisy in that system.