Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Texas Lunch

I had some free time in Dallas today, so I went out for what I would consider a classic Dallas meal:

**BBQ Smoked Turkey Sandwich
**Mac & Cheese
**Green Beans
**Sweet Tea

One of the things I love doing when on the road is eating some authentic local food. While I acknowledge that Colter's is a chain, I think it's awfully good and indicative of local culture.

Christie is in DC this weekend, and I regret that I forgot to tell her she needed to eat at Ben's Chili Bowl while in the city. I've only been there once or twice, but would love to get back on our next trip there.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Florida is for "Old Folks"

The Florida state senate just voted for "Old Folks at Home" to be the official state song of Florida.

What does that say about us? As certain sectors of Florida are trying to look younger and appeal to a younger audience, the state senate...well, they go and do this...

(I'm not really upset about this, just thought it was kind of humorous.)